INTACS is an ERP application lifecycle management studio. It is a low-code platform, business framework, and ERP software methodology for governance, development, operation, and maintenance of the ERP application that integrated with quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) and strategic management.


  • Strong understanding of business goals, and objectives,
  • Gathering and analyze stakeholder needs and expectations,
  • Identifying relevant issues related to business objectives,
  • Conducting business analysis, and generating a business strategy.
  • Determine of quality policies, quality objectives, KPIs, and an action plan to achieve them.


  • Design business processes based on unique business needs,
  • Create risk management plans, define job roles and responsibilities,
  • Develop business applications based on the designed business processes,
  • Design and develop SQL server database objects.
  • Set up master data, kpi, reports, charts, and dashboards.

Operation and Maintenance

  • Support daily maintenance management activities,
  • Monitoring performance indictors,
  • Conducting internal audits and management reviews for periodic evaluations,
  • Monitoring non-conformance risks and implementing corrective actions,
  • Implementing change management to control continuous improvement.

Solution Advantages

Fast to develop, and easy to change

Application Features

  • Real-Time KPI
  • Online Approvals
  • Tasks Notification
  • Process Tracking
  • Data Enquiry
  • Tasks Schedulling
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Chart and Dashboards
  • Report Monitoring

Technology Features

  • Time Stamp Camera
  • Mobile POS
  • Digital Archieve
  • Barcode and QRCode Scanner
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • Email Integration
  • API Integration
  • Digital Signature